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Un design et une conception de baskets écoresponsables et françaises !

Welcome to the city of Lyon, a city full of historical and cultural treasures. With its magnificent Fourvière Basilica, its famous Place Bellecour and its old town with picturesque streets, Lyon is undoubtedly a city steeped in history, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Founded by the Romans in 43 BC, Capital of Gaul, City of Resistance, important commercial crossroads in the 18th century... The historical importance of this city is undeniable.

But the City of Canuts is not content with its glorious past, it is also an innovative city looking to the future. More and more Lyon brands are seeking to reconcile fashion and ethics, by offering products that respect the environment and the working conditions of their employees.

These ethical brands, in addition to promoting responsible fashion, contribute to the local economy by creating jobs and supporting local artisans and producers.

So, let’s discover together ethical and eco-responsible brands, made in 69!


The city, with its 9 districts with different charms, has a significant historical past.

Honored with the title of Capital of Gaul for nearly 300 years during the Roman era, it was an important city in the Roman Empire, with Gallic and Celtic influences. This is evidenced by grandiose amphitheaters and ruins, most of which have been preserved to this day.

From the Middle Ages until the beginnings of industrialization in the 19th century, Lyon was recognized as a thriving trading city thanks to silk. Proud of its Canuts, the silk workers, the city experienced great economic and cultural growth during the Renaissance thanks to this global trade.

It is also considered the Capital of the Resistance, both during the French Revolution and during the Second World War.

Today, Lyon is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, proud of its historical and cultural heritage. The Roman remains, Renaissance buildings and medieval traboules bear witness to its rich and fascinating past. The city also continues to grow, with a diverse economy and vibrant cultural scene, attracting visitors from around the world.

Did you know ?

A myth lurks around the statue on Place Bellecour. According to legend, the sculptor Lemot committed suicide after realizing that he had forgotten the king's stirrups. But in fact, this oversight is voluntary because Louis XIV rides “Roman style”, therefore without a stirrup! We’ll let you check in the photo… 👀

Opposite, Louis XIV putting on our Raven model in white and blue.


If you're looking for must-see places to visit in Lyon, the city is full of interesting options. Among them, the Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica, the Gallo-Roman Antique Theater and the Vieux-Lyon district bear witness to the historical heritage of the city and offer picturesque walks through narrow cobbled streets, medieval houses and typical traboules.

For art lovers, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, one of the largest museums in France, houses an impressive collection of works ranging from Antiquity to the present day, including masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance and modern art. The Confluences Museum, halfway between the spaceship and the crumpled ball of paper, located between the Rhône and the Saône, offers an exploration of the major issues of our time in connection with science and society.

Don't miss either the two giants of the city, the Parc de la Tête d'Or, one of the largest urban parks in France, with its French gardens, lakes, greenhouses and zoo, as well as the famous Place Bellecour, one of the largest squares in Europe, connected to Rue de la République, an important shopping street lined with luxury boutiques and department stores.


In Lyon, the Canuts promote the importance of clothing quality in the Lyon region. However, although this cultural heritage is important, you are reminded that silk is not vegan. As alternatives, consider nylon satin or 100% cotton viscose!

The city is full of small brands with an ethical reach, which will delight everyone! Among the local and ethical companies in the clothing sector, we count Alory , an ethical fashion brand for everyone with eco-responsible clothing, organic and recycled fabrics, ethical manufacturing, and all that in a circular economy. We can also note Suny , which offers organic cotton clothing, both timeless and made with respect for people and the environment.

At the bend of a street in the Cordeliers district, don't hesitate to visit the Curieux team in their eco-responsible store. You will be able to discover this hybrid place mixing ready-to-wear boutique, barber and meeting place, and try on your favorite COG models.

You can also opt for second hand in many Lyon thrift stores, including the various Emmaüs, Fripes Ketchup, Ding Fring...

On the cosmetic side, the city of two hills also offers beauty product stores. To take care of yourself, it is better to favor natural and healthy products, like those from Bulle des monts d'or : it is an artisanal factory of solid, natural and zero waste cosmetics, made from plant-based raw materials. And for fans of scents and perfumes, the zero waste essences from 100 Bon will delight your senses.


A wolf's hunger or rather a bird's appetite? You have come to the right place, since Lyon is a reference in terms of gastronomy and has 20 Michelin-starred restaurants, including the famous Paul Bocuse restaurant, as well as many typical traditional restaurants called “Les Bouchons Lyonnais”. But as the cuisine of these restaurants is not really vegan, we offer you a few others:

Imagine yourself on a summer evening, after a walk in Croix-Rousse, sitting at the table of Like an Elephant and tasting delicious vegan and seasonal dishes: it's a waking dream. For lovers of good food, let yourself be seduced by the gourmet vegetarian cuisine of Culina Hortus , in the Hôtel de Ville district. And for burger fans, we offer you 100% vegan alternatives from Hank Burger 🙂

If you prefer to play chef at home, it's possible and it's completely accessible, even to Sunday cooks. We take our shopping bag and head to Maison Courgette , a grocery store in the heart of Croix-Rousse, which offers organic, local products in a short circuit. To relax with a tea, think of Chabiothé and its organic and local herbs! And for a snack, a slice of bread with a spoonful of Go Nuts , the super organic spread, all made in Lyon.

Speaking of snacks, how about having a picnic at the Parc de la tête d'or with vegan pastries from Zoï , or relaxing with an organic ice cream from Terre Adélice on the banks of the Saône?


And there you have it, we've gone through our ethical guide to eco-responsible addresses in Lyon together! The city of Gone is a city full of surprises and we hope you enjoyed this little non-exhaustive guide to the ethical and vegan addresses that we love at COG!

By adopting more responsible consumption, we can all help preserve our beautiful planet and support ethical and local initiatives. So, why not continue to explore the city of Lyon and find new eco-responsible addresses to share with your loved ones?

Consuming locally means reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the local economy. Together, we can build a world that is fairer and more respectful of our environment. So, see you soon for new ethical and sustainable adventures!

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