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La démarche éco-responsable de COG : Des baskets fabriquées avec des matériaux durables


Today we know that we must work harder to safeguard this beautiful planet that welcomes us, and preserve the tremendous biodiversity that it hosts.

This means rethinking our way of consuming, but also our way of producing !

Based on this principle, at COG, we have set ourselves 5 eco-responsible criteria to reduce and control the ecological footprint of the manufacturing of our shoes.

We detail our entire ecological commitment here.

Let's go !

Vegan manufacturing for ecology.

Recycled, natural and sustainable materials.

Manufacturing designed for ecology.

Shoes Made in Europe.

Eco-responsible packaging.


At COG, we decided to design vegan shoes, exclusively without leather or other materials of animal origin, not only to preserve the life of animals, to spare the health of people victims of the leather industry, but also to limit our impact on the planet.

The reason for this? The leather industry is singled out for the environmental impact it generates, and for good reason:

Leather is directly linked to livestock farming, which is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, methane, etc.) in addition to deforestation and the resulting soil pollution.

Mineral tanning of leather, which represents 80 to 85% of global leather production, also requires the use of chemicals, a large part of which end up being released into nature or polluting the land and waterways surrounding the tanneries.

Chaussures naturelles durables baskets COG

At COG, we prefer to make people dream, rather than sell dreams .

100% recycled materials, carbon neutrality, zero waste...if we fully adhere to these ecological ideals, we find them difficult to achieve.

It's true, the idea of ​​a zero-emission industry disappears as long as it uses machines, and recycling a material requires in the majority of cases the addition of virgin material to the collected waste.

While waiting to find the perfect solution, we adopt a position of total transparency , ensuring that we use the most ecological solutions best suited to the needs of our production.

We favor the use of plant or synthetic materials , selected both for their technical qualities, their finish, but also their robustness.

Our materials are labeled OEKO TEX 100 , and we favor the use of recycled solutions .

Natural corks, scraps of used cotton, end-of-life rubber and plastic bottles recovered from the sea; are all materials that are given a second life to make your shoes .


The proximity of our partners plays a key role in our ecological production model.

This is the reason why our material suppliers are Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and our production workshops located in Portugal to shoes Made In Europe.

Less than 1,200 km as the crow flies separates us from our production house in Portugal, which allows us to considerably limit our CO2 emissions .

Regarding the shipping of our packages, in order not to encourage the proliferation of delivery trucks, we have chosen not to offer an express delivery solution, and to use the Colissimo delivery option. de la Poste, for this partner's commitment to reducing its carbon emissions , in particular through the use of electric vehicles, and its optimized logistics.

We reassure you, packages usually arrive within 2 working days, and you will quickly be able to sport your COGs on your feet with peace of mind.

Marques baskets locale écoresponsable COG
Production chaussures écoresponsable COG

Here, the idea is to meet your expectations, while limiting dormant stock and avoiding waste to reduce our environmental impact!

For that, four rules :

1/ Use eco-designed materials , produced with reduced water consumption, and as much as possible from a circular economy.

2/ Favor the use of the same rolls of materials and soles from one model to another to optimize production and reduce scraps of unused materials .

3/ Reduce the number of shapes by using common shapes for our different models. But yes, you know the shapes! These are these blue, green or yellow wax feet, on which the shoes are mounted.

4/ Produce collections in reasonable quantities to avoid unsold items .

Yes, not wasting means above all avoiding overproducing.


Ok, now you know everything about the eco-design of your COG shoes, but what about their packaging?

Here again, we rely on the most responsible solution.

Our shoe boxes are made from 100% recycled and recyclable kraft . The ink used for printing texts and logos is water-based , and therefore not harmful to nature.

For shipping, from cardboard to tape used, same recipe, we also use ecological gummed kraft, and no superfluous plastic padding, since our packages are sized to the size of our shoe boxes for less cardboard expense, and a transport optimization.

As a welcome and to thank you for your support, your package comes with a welcome card printed in recycled cardboard, illustrated with the values ​​of our brand by Omar.

Marques matières écoresponsables COG