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    Discover our women's sneakers, exclusively vegan, 100% trendy.

    What if you changed the way you choose your shoes? A summer look in all circumstances, which adapts to all your outfits, does that appeal to you?

    Having become essential, the low-top trainer - or sneaker - is a multi-faceted fashion accessory. Our retro sneakers and sports sneakers will be suitable for both your casual moments, accompanied by a streetwear outfit, and your more chic and elegant outfits.

    At COG, we make it a point of honor to offer you vegan women's sneakers , both eco-responsible and elegant!

    A large selection of vegan women's sneakers

    Retro coral running shoes, casual white sneakers or old fashion black high-top sneakers... There is something for all tastes and all sizes!

    Our low-top vegan women’s sneakers

    A low-top vegan women's sneaker that goes with all styles, made ethically and eco-responsibly... It's not a dream: COG imagined and designed it for you! No more women's tennis shoes in rigid leather, whose materials come from the other side of the world: with the Winton and the Topsy, discover the world of vegan and modern women's sneakers.

    Combining a love of fashion and strong moral values ​​is COG's daily mission. Our low shoes are handmade and made without animal materials (and therefore without abuse or cruelty). Ethics and elegance meet to form a designer and comfortable sneaker that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Our low-top women's sneakers are made in Portugal in family workshops, ensuring the consideration of their employees and respect for their good working conditions. All this with a responsible production method, limiting greenhouse gas emissions linked to transport, but also by using ecological materials: imitation leather of plant origin, recycled plastic bottles, cork, etc.

    But our ethical commitments in no way erase our desire to create shoes with irresistible charm. Both sober and distinguished, our low-top women's vegan sneakers will seduce you with their clean line, which goes with all looks, from the most chic to the most casual. Better yet, they are available in many colors, from the most classic (black or white) to imperial green, including carmine red.

    Our vegan women's high-top sneakers

    COG has worked hard to create a high-top sneaker that's incredibly trendy and stylish, while remaining completely ethical. Produced in the north of Portugal, less than 1,200 km from us, our high shoes are designed to meet all your requirements in terms of aesthetics and comfort, but also to respect the moral values ​​of the most fervent defenders of sustainable fashion.

    With its sober design and clean line, our high-top women's vegan sneaker was born from the subtle association between different ecological and recycled materials: PET, cork, rubber, cotton, plastic bottles... At the same time, its futuristic retro style is simply irresistible. With a short dress for a trendy style, with slim pants for a versatile look, combine them as you wish with your wardrobe!

    Its very slightly shiny faux leather catches the eye without being flashy, while its padded ankle lining helps hold the foot in place and prevents it from floating in the shoe. Finally, its perfectly height upper and the attention to detail that makes all the difference: the finishing buckle above the heel counter of the sneaker, make the Wallace the must-have in a trendy women's wardrobe.

    An elegant high-top sneaker with character, which is suitable for both women and men, it's possible! Available in all sizes, from 35 to 46, it also comes in several colors: carbon black, iceberg white, stone gray... A sobriety that allows this sneaker to be worn in any season, whether with a jeans, chinos, a dress or even Bermuda shorts.

    Our women's vegan running sneakers

    For fans of the sporty look straight from the 90's, who want to combine design and responsible consumption, COG has designed a unique vegan women's running sneaker .

    A true ecological alternative to the old school sports sneaker, it meets all aesthetic and ethical requirements, thanks to its striking style, its comfort and its eco-responsible manufacturing. By combining nubuck, imitation leather and cotton materials, we have created a perfect everyday ally for you.

    An ethical, dynamic and trendy look that has already won over many fans of sustainable fashion. And for good reason, this women's vegan running sneaker adapts as much to a sportswear style as to a more chic outfit. A real all-purpose item, it will go wonderfully with denim jeans, elegant pants or shorts. In any case, its clean lines and diverse inserts will bring a resolutely urban touch to your look.

    Vegan, ethical and chic, our sports sneakers are available in a multitude of colors. Make your choice between timeless shades, such as intense black and white, the sobriety of gray, the originality of burgundy red or the beautiful alliance between coral and duck blue. You are spoiled for choice to bring dynamism to your wardrobe, while promoting more eco-responsible consumption.

    Our women's vegan sneakers are stylish, but not only that!

    Wearing pretty shoes and feeling good in your sneakers is great, but wearing shoes in accordance with your values ​​and supporting fair manufacturing is even better.

    At COG, no leather or any other material of animal origin in our low or high sneakers! Our sneakers are vegan and labeled PETA APPROVED Vegan for guaranteed fashion without suffering.

    Eco-friendly women's sneakers for which we pay particular attention to the materials used: by wearing vegan shoes, you are doing something for the planet, since our materials emit much less CO2 than leather!

    In addition, the synthetic and natural materials making up our sneakers are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and produced according to an eco-responsible process by supporting a circular economy which revalues ​​old scrap materials, like our soles which are made up of recycled rubber .

    Our goal ? Give cruelty free fashion and ethical sneakers the place they deserve in your wardrobe!

    The expression “feeling good in your sneakers” has never had so much meaning.

    Beyond being vegan and their trendy look, we design our sneakers with all the necessary care to make them as pleasant as possible to wear. After all, isn't comfort the primary luxury of sneakers?

    For our retro running shoes, as for our low-top tennis shoes and our high-top sneakers , we wanted foolproof comfort. Also, the lining and soles of our sneakers are made from high-quality recycled plastic bottle and cork fibers, guaranteeing them to be hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-perspirant, anti-abrasive and anti-odor.

    We have also taken maximum care in working on the shape, fit and composition of our sneakers in order to make them extremely comfortable, and that your feet benefit from an impeccable fit. To try them is to adopt them, word of the creators! We wear them daily and sleep (almost) with them. After all, who said that shoemakers have to have the worst shoes!

    For our Wallace high-top women's vegan sneaker, several months of work were necessary to find the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. It starts with the shape of the shoe, which we have refined down to the smallest detail, until we find the perfect balance between a fine and elegant sneaker design, and a shoe made to accommodate your foot all day long. . As for the materials making up the insole and the lining, we have chosen them with the greatest care so that they ensure breathability, comfort, hold, flexibility and durability. A long and careful development which allowed us to create a shoe capable of becoming one of the centerpieces of your wardrobe.

    As for our Raven vegan women's sneaker, it has been designed to be as comfortable as a slipper thanks to its external sole, slightly compensated and made of injected TPR-based rubber, with a balance between flexibility, resistance and firmness. , to ensure light walking all year round.

    In terms of the insole, COG combines comfort and ecology, using recycled natural cork, combined with latex to add cushioning to the sole, and thus offer you well-being and an incomparable experience.

    The upper is made with vegan, robust and waterproof materials, to always keep your feet dry.

    Finally, to guarantee the well-being of the foot while preventing perspiration and odors, an antibacterial mesh material made from fibers from recycled plastic bottles makes up the inner lining of the sneaker.

    Discover how our vegan sneakers for women are made

    Do you want even more?

    In addition to being vegan , our materials come from Italy and Spain for true eco-responsible Made In Europe fashion! “Okay, is that all?”, well no!

    All our models of women's sneakers are made in a family workshop ensuring good working conditions for its employees in the north of Portugal. This region, renowned for its know-how inherited from many years of experience, gives our shoes unfailing quality.

    A manufacturing method that is completely in line with the values ​​that we defend, advocating ethics and respect for life and the planet. Not only are our vegan women's sneakers made from recycled and/or plant-based materials, but consideration for employees is also at the heart of their production process. For us, respect for the environment, animals and humans are closely linked.

    With our Topsy model, we are going even further in this eco-responsible approach, by offering a vegan women's plant-based sneaker, whose exterior covering is made of imitation leather made from grape marc. Added to this are numerous recycled materials such as cork, rubber, PET and even plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea (Seaqual).

    Producing locally, with materials supplied by European companies, is also the key to a controlled carbon footprint. This is why at COG, the different elements that make up our shoes do not travel tens of thousands of kilometers before reaching you... Nature thanks you, and so do we!

    The sale of our vegan women's sneakers supports solidarity projects

    Would you like a cherry on the cake?

    And not the least since at COG, we want to do things to the end: our sneakers are vegan, and if that's a good start, we want to do more for the animal cause . This is why part of the profits from the sales of our vegan and ecological sneakers are donated to voluntary associations involved in animal rescue!

    Want to know more about how your cruelty-free women's sneakers are made and about our company values? It’s over here !

    Our women's sneakers, vegan and ecological, summarized in a few words

    Ok, let's summarize!

    In addition to adapting to any style of clothing, our women's sneakers are super comfortable!

    But wearing COG sneakers also means offering your voice in defense of an ethical manufacturing model based on altruistic principles, which offer consideration to humans, animals, and the planet.

    In addition, the manufacturing of your sneakers contributes to perpetuating family know-how, and supporting the incredible work of model makers, seamstresses, and fitters of a company more than 6 decades old.

    With COG, no more questions about the origin of materials or manufacturing secrets, we tell you everything about our vegan sneakers , in complete transparency!

    Our mission: to reconcile trend and ethics for you, and offer you the chic of no longer having to make the choice between fashion and human values.

    Fair and ethical fashion, isn’t that the true definition of luxury?

    Our cruelty and ecological sneakers are just waiting for your feet 😊

    By the way: we don't just make vegan sneakers for women, we also make great vegan, ethical and responsible city shoes ! Want to see what it looks like? Go check out our women’s vegan ankle boots !