Pourquoi des chaussures vegan made in Europe ?
If made in Portugal is popular, this trend is really not the primary reason motivating us to produce our vegan shoes in Europe. In this article, we tell you more about what motivates our choices for everything made in Europe.
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Le Bonheur est dans les vignes
Chez COG, on consacre une grande partie de notre temps à la recherche de matières vegan, recyclées, et innovantes ! Nos chaussures contiennent donc depuis 2022 du marc de raisin. Pourquoi cette décision ? On vous dit tout, c'est parti !
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Fête des mères éthique et responsable
They are the Wonder Women of our lives, always ready to come to the rescue of their little ones - they are 60 years old and around them protection worthy of the royal guard; you guessed it, today we're talking about our moms.
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