Ethical promotions are at COG

    For us, being a responsible brand is not just limited to producing vegan shoes or ecological sneakers . COG is also synonymous with European manufacturing - by choosing to collaborate only with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese suppliers and to produce in Portugal -, total transparency with the public but also allowing them to access eco-friendly shoes designed an affordable price.

    Although we only produce small productions, it happens that certain pairs struggle to find buyers. Also, when no restocking of a model is planned, offering promotions is an opportunity to allow our customers to access their essential models at a reduced price, while preventing us from having dormant stock, and it's also a way of emptying our shelves to allow the development of new models of vegan sneakers or vegan brogues and vegan ankle boots .

    We therefore let you discover our vegan shoes for women and vegan shoes for men and find the pair of ethical shoes that will join your responsible wardrobe.

    Recycled sneakers at reduced prices, a step for the planet?

    COG is a French shoe brand aiming to democratize more responsible fashion by offering vegan and eco-designed sneakers . Our team therefore decided that its promotions would also be anchored in a fair and thoughtful approach. High-top sneakers , sporty-look sneakers or timeless low-top sneakers for women and men, several sizes from our sneaker collections are offered to you at reduced prices throughout the year. A way for us to act in accordance with our ecological values ​​by ensuring that each pair manufactured can find feet to fit :)

    Vegan shoes on your feet, without reducing your wallet too much

    If you are looking for a pair of vegan city shoes, we also offer some of our urban models at a reduced price among our promotions. Women's ankle boots , men's Chelsea boots or Oxford shoes , don't hesitate to come regularly and take a look at our online store to see if any new gems have slipped into our promotional shoes, the opportunity to treat yourself while doing a gesture for the planet and living things, without sacrificing your ethical fashion budget. Reminder for new arrivals, our vegan shoes are all respectfully designed in Portugal from breathable, antibacterial and anti-odor materials .