La solidarité au cœur de notre ADN : COG, une marque humaine

In this matter, we make no secret of it, in addition to the social impact and environmental benefits of offering sneakers and city shoes made in Europe, our first motivation to launch a vegan brand is our attachment to the defense of animal welfare 🐮

As the kind benefactors that we want to be, our idea is that the sale of our vegan shoes helps to spread the idea that every creature can live free and happy , in consideration of its status as a sentient being.

To do this, since our launch, our brand has supported shelters, sanctuaries and associations, which help animals by donating a share of our profits to them.


Noah's Ark is a refuge located in Alsace.

Created in 2004 to mainly accommodate livestock, it takes in on average no less than 100 protégés from all walks of life, from cows to emus, including llamas!

Both cared for and pampered, their residents can then be adopted when their condition allows it. The others will have happy days with the shelter's team of volunteers ❤️


Discovered on the occasion of the launch of our plant-based sneaker Topsy, bearing the name of an elephant who suffered from mistreatment, the Elephant Haven association welcomes the Gandhi and Delhi elephants who, like Topsy, spent their first years of life in circuses.

Today, these pretty ladies are learning again to live in a natural environment, surrounded by a team of caregivers, within an ethical and caring framework 🐘🐘