Men's Vegan Sneakers

    Around our Vegan men’s sneakers

    The modern man's sneaker: resolutely trendy, intimately ethical.

    Imagine a fashion sneaker, which accommodates all styles, and whose manufacturing ethics are no longer the exception, but the rule. Does that tempt you? We made it for you!

    Goodbye to the pair of rigid leather sneakers without signature or origin, make way for modern sneakers, without animal materials, handmade, and sewn with ethical values. At COG, whether you're into classic low-top sneakers, retro running shoes or old-school high-top sneakers, we have the ethical men's shoe that will reconcile your style and your moral values.

    Our collection of men's sneakers is 100% vegan , made according to an eco-responsible model, and will match both your casual outfits and the more distinguished pieces of your wardrobe.

    White tennis shoes with a clean line , raven black retro running shoes, or stone gray high tops , we have something for all styles, each available in several colors. and all sizes.

    The COG sneaker, with chic and style!

    Taking out your little shoes to sip a diabolo on the terrace is nice, but taking out your ethical sneakers to have a drink on the rooftop is really classy!

    At COG, while we take particular care in the design of our shoes, what we are undoubtedly most proud of in our line of ethical men's sneakers is the values ​​they defend.

    From our Raven with a sporty look to our casual Winton model, all are guaranteed without animal leather and our glues are water-based, devoid of animal material, for vegan men's sneakers and labeled PETA APPROVED Vegan .

    By the way, did you know that?

    By supporting cruelty-free fashion , you also support eco-responsible production! Our shoes are made of synthetic fibers whose manufacturing has a carbon impact 2 to 20 times lower than that generated by leather!

    In addition, our materials are OEKO-TEX 100 certified - designed to preserve the environment and human beings - and we favor recycled materials like our soles made from old reused rubber scraps.

    From sneakers to Richelieus, must-have vegan city shoes for men , the attention will be the same on the materials used!

    Men's sneakers with comfort in mind.

    While we pay particular attention to the manufacturing ethics and design of our sneakers for men and women, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to their comfort.

    Our goal: to offer you the best shoe experience, so that you feel really good in your sneakers.

    Also, the coating and insole of our sporty look models have anti-perspirant, anti-odor, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, so that you are comfortable all day long.

    In addition, each model has benefited from several months of development work to improve the line and shape of the fit, for sneakers combining profiled line and tailor-made comfort.

    Gentlemen, experiment and see for yourself their perfect outfit. Trying a pair of COG men's sneakers means adopting them!

    Go behind the scenes of the manufacturing of our eco-responsible sneakers for men

    Have we told you?

    Our sneakers, in addition to being exclusively vegan , are made from materials made in Spain and Italy, for shoes with a sporty look 100% Made In Europe !

    And that's not all !

    Each pair of sneakers in our men's store is designed in a small family workshop on a human scale in the north of Portugal. With multi-generational know-how, the workshop employees assemble our sneakers by hand, for optimal quality and resistance.

    Employees work there in a secure environment that respects their integrity.

    This is also the COG spirit: producing eco-responsible and vegan sneakers , within a philanthropic framework, valuing people, for men's and women's sneakers and an intrinsically ethical brand. Discover all our values ​​and commitments .

    Ethical sneakers with a solidarity scent

    In addition to upholding our ethical values, what if we gave a helping hand to noble causes?

    If offering vegan sneakers for men is a good start, supporting people who work voluntarily for animal welfare is a luxury that we want to treat ourselves to!

    Also, part of the profits from each pair of ethical sneakers sold on the store is donated to associations and shelters involved in animal rescue!

    Want to know more about our company values ​​and our solidarity ambitions? Follow us, it’s all there !

    Our eco-responsible men's sneakers in brief

    Here we go, let's summarize!

    Our mission: to offer an ethical alternative to the sports shoe market, by offering men's sneakers that are both elegant and comfortable, but also modern due to their production ethics: vegan, philanthropic, eco-responsible.

    Our goal: that you no longer have to choose between a trendy look and your human values ​​in consideration of humans, animals and the planet; hence our choice to produce ethical sneakers in different styles, to accompany all the looks in your wardrobe: low-top tennis shoes, sports shoes with a retro running look, and high-top sneakers, all vegan, produced locally in Europe, and eco-responsible.

    Our action plan: tell you everything and share with you behind the scenes the manufacturing of your vegan men's sneakers, to build the fashion of tomorrow alongside you: ethical, altruistic, transparent and responsible fashion.

    Our motto: it is not its rarity that gives its greatness to a sneaker, but the ethics put into its manufacture.

    Our slogan: WALK CLEAN.

    By the way: our vegan sneakers are also available for women , and we also offer a vegan, ethical and ecological Oxford for men .