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    Are you looking for a pair of ethical running shoes with a decidedly retro look? The Raven is made for you! With its clean and dynamic lines, it is the ideal sneaker for an urban and trendy everyday style. But, as if wearing irresistibly designed sneakers wasn't enough, COG allows you to reconcile your love of fashion with your ecological beliefs. Made from recycled materials, without animal leather, our vegan running shoes are made close to home, in Portugal for a limited impact on the environment. Discover all the facets of this extraordinary sneaker!

    The vegan, sporty, elegant and urban running shoe.

    The 90's sporty look sneaker finally has its vegan and ecological version: discover our Raven model!

    To create our ethical sneaker, we focused on the alliance of three fundamental criteria: an uncompromising sports design in terms of style, unparalleled comfort, and the must have in terms of manufacturing ethics.

    From the choice of materials making up its outer covering to that of its sole, nothing has been left to chance in the design of our ethical running shoe. Have you noticed it? The men's model of the Raven has a heel spoiler which is not present on the women's model.

    Rest assured, this is not a design error, but rather a production alternative. In fact, the sole originally chosen did not cover all the sizes offered, from 35 to 46. We therefore decided to release the sneaker in two distinct versions, to be able to offer it to both women and men. That's also the COG spirit: serving everyone fairly, without making anyone jealous!

    Our collection of ecological men's sports sneakers is 100% vegan , manufactured according to an eco-responsible model, and produced with respect for humans in Portugal.

    Indisputably sportswear thanks to its cut and its inserts, our Raven will perfectly accompany your various clothing styles thanks to its fine line, as well suited to casual jogging for a sporty chic look, as to a dressy outfit or slim jeans. Choose the color variation that suits you best and let your creativity speak.

    Our Raven range is available in many colors to bring pep to your wardrobe and meaning to your purchases.

    Do you like dark tones? Let our black or black/red vegan sneaker be the finishing touch to your favorite outfit. Do you want a more sober and elegant ethical running shoe? Opt for the gray or white vegan sneaker model .

    A desire for color for this summer (it also works to revive a gloomy autumn)? Discover our colorful Raven coral to enliven your daily life! For a sparkling style, also discover the pine green vegan sneaker or the Bordeaux one .

    And as we want to bring much more than quality aesthetics to our sneakers, discover its ethical, responsible and 100% vegan composition.

    An exceptional design for our vegan running shoe

    Creating a vegan running shoe for men that is both stylish and ethical: this is the challenge that COG wanted to take on by working hard on the design of the Raven. Produced in Europe in a small family business, whose know-how has made it famous, and where the working conditions are impeccable, our sneakers have been entirely designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding fashion enthusiasts in terms of ethics. , aesthetics, comfort and durability.

    Born from the association between ecological and recycled materials , our ethical running shoe skillfully combines cork, rubber, PET or recycled polyester for a result that is as stylish as it is environmentally friendly. More than a simple detail, it is a production choice that allows us to defend our ecological and moral values.

    Clean lines, dynamic shape, cleverly matched colors: the Raven offers a retro and sporty look with the most beautiful effect. From the most sober models (black, white, gray, etc.) to eye-catching colors (coral, burgundy, etc.), there is something for everyone!

    This ethical running shoe with breathable and anti-perspirant materials has all the arguments to become your perfect everyday ally for a dynamic, trendy and responsible look. In any season, it goes wonderfully with jeans for a classic style, chino pants for a casual outfit, or even with shorts on hot summer days.

    Ultimately, the Raven is a vegan running shoe for men with a design that is both retro and trendy, a model with a strong identity, which can go with a multitude of styles. We guarantee it: this sneaker will quickly become a must-have in your wardrobe, which you will enjoy wearing all year round!

    The COG vegan sports sneaker, created to combine ethics and style!

    Finding a pair of sports-style sneakers is easy; whether this pair of sneakers is vegan and ecologically responsible is less so.

    At COG, we don't just think about aesthetics. We are in search of meaning and we want our cruelty-free sneakers to be designed in the image of our values.

    For this, we designed our Raven and our other models of sneakers for men without animal leather and our glues, water-based, are also free of animal materials, for vegan men's sneakers and labeled PETA APPROVED VEGAN .

    The best part is that by supporting cruelty-free fashion , you also support eco-responsible production !

    Made from synthetic fibers, the production of our men's sneakers generates a carbon impact 2 to 20 times lower than that generated by a similar shoe made of animal leather.

    The Raven is a clever combination of nubuck, imitation leather and cotton materials depending on the version. The black / red model , for example, consists of a nubuck outer covering (47% PET / 53% polyester), a 100% recycled PET mesh outer covering and a faux leather outer covering (71% polyester / 29% cotton).

    The interior lining of our model is made from recycled microfibers, and all our materials are OEKO-TEX 100 certified (designed to preserve the environment and without harm to human health).

    The production of our vegan sports sneakers for men is based on the revaluation of recycled materials , like our rubber soles, made from old scraps of recycled material. The removable insole, meanwhile, is made from cork covered in recycled polyester. Finally, our laces are made from 100% recycled PET.

    Comfort on the feet, the priority of our vegan running shoe

    Beyond their trendy design, the ethics of their manufacturing and their design, our models of vegan sports sneakers for men have many other qualities, and we leave nothing to chance when it comes to their comfort.

    Each model of COG sneakers has benefited from several months of development work to improve the line and shape of the fit, for shoes combining profiled line and tailor-made comfort.

    The lining and insole of our Raven have hypoallergenic , anti-perspirant , anti-odor , and antibacterial properties, so that you are comfortable throughout the day and that you (re)discover the pleasure of wearing sneakers with a sporty look in all circumstances.

    Gentlemen, try it for yourself and see how they hold up perfectly. Trying a pair of COG men's sneakers means adopting them!

    Behind the scenes of the manufacturing of our eco-responsible sneakers for men

    In addition to being exclusively vegan , our Raven is made from materials made in Spain and Italy, for shoes with a sporty look 100% Made In Europe!

    Designed in a small family workshop on a human scale with know-how spanning several decades, and located in the north of Portugal, our vegan sneakers are hand-made in our workshops, for manufacturing to perfection and optimal quality.

    At COG, we are committed to taking care of the people we work with, and we chose this workshop also for the secure environment and the working conditions offered to employees.

    Producing eco-responsible and vegan running shoes within a structure that values ​​people for an intrinsically ethical brand is also the COG spirit!

    Furthermore, this approach allows us to benefit from the expertise of renowned production houses, whose craftsmen have real know-how in the field of making vegan running shoes.

    At our manufacturers, no compromise is made in respecting safety standards, health rules and employee rights. A resolutely human working framework which allows us to be completely consistent with our ethical commitment, while guaranteeing the quality of our sneakers.

    Manufacturing our ethical running shoes in a European country, just a few hundred kilometers away, is also a way to realize our ecological values. Producing closer to home allows us to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of our sneakers, which do not cross entire continents before reaching your feet.

    Reducing our CO2 emissions also involves the choice of raw materials used for manufacturing. Not only are our vegan running shoes for men essentially made from recycled and revalorized materials (PET, polyester, rubber, cork, etc.), but we also use suppliers based in Europe, in order to locally source the various elements that make up our Raven.

    Ethical sneakers with a solidarity scent

    We haven't told you everything!

    Offering sneakers for men that are ecological, vegan, and made in a family workshop is a good start.

    But supporting people working voluntarily for the well-being of life is also one of our objectives. Thus, part of the profits from each pair of ethical running shoes for men sold on the store is donated to associations and shelters involved in animal rescue!

    Find out more about our company values ​​and our solidarity ambitions .

    Our men’s retro running sneakers in summary

    At COG, we believe that the beauty of fashion lies in the moral values ​​invested in the making of the items, and not in their rarity.

    So by creating our Raven, we wanted to offer our public a retro ethical sneaker, both sporty thanks to its design with dynamic lines, versatile to match all genders, and which like all our models of men's sneakers, carry high COG values.

    Our wish is to offer you an ethical alternative to retro leather running sneakers for men, by creating a vegan sportswear sneaker , ecological, elegant, comfortable and produced in a philanthropic framework.

    Gentlemen, with the Raven, you no longer feel obliged to choose between a stylish sporty look and your moral values. Our retro running model is designed in a framework that respects humans and animals, and according to an eco-sensitive charter.


    By the way: our sports sneakers and vegan sneakers for men are also available for women. And for your chic evenings, we also offer a vegan and ecological Oxford for men .

    Comment choisir la taille de vos chaussures de running vegan pour homme ? 

    Notre chaussure de running éthique chausse normalement : dans la plupart des cas, nous vous recommandons donc de choisir votre pointure habituelle. 

    Toutefois, si vous êtes entre deux tailles ou si vous avez un pied un peu plus fort que l’autre, il est judicieux de prendre une pointure au-dessus de votre taille habituelle. Pour un 39,5, par exemple, optez pour la pointure 40. 

    Les matériaux qui composent la Raven s'assouplissent au fil du temps. Si vous vous sentez un peu serré au premier abord, pas de panique : vos chaussures se feront très vite à votre pied. 

    Comment entretenir vos chaussures de running éthiques ? 

    Afin de garder vos Raven en parfait état, pour longtemps, il est essentiel de les entretenir régulièrement. Pour ce faire, on vous conseille d’utiliser un simple chiffon humide avec lequel vous frotterez délicatement la partie extérieure. Faites sécher vos baskets dans un endroit sec, à l’abri de la lumière, pour éviter que les rayonnements UV ne détériorent les couleurs. 

    Pour les modèles comportant un revêtement extérieur nubuck, comme la Raven noir / rouge ou grise, l’utilisation d'une brosse à poils doux ou d'une brosse en crêpe est recommandée. Entretenez vos semelles intérieures en les retirant et en les saupoudrant de bicarbonate. Après quelques heures, essuyez-les en douceur pour retirer la poudre, elles seront propres et désodorisées. 

    Pour augmenter la durée de vie de vos chaussures de running vegan, il est également préférable d’effectuer une rotation / un roulement et de ne pas porter la même paire tous les jours. L’occasion de découvrir nos autres modèles de sneakers pour homme !  

    Par temps de pluie, pensez à imperméabiliser vos baskets et évitez les matières fragiles comme le mesh, qui compose le revêtement extérieur de certaines versions comme la Raven noire