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Around the brand

Founded in 2018, we are a French shoe brand dedicated to offering items in eclectic styles, ranging from retro tennis shoes to classic Oxford shoes. Their common characteristic is that they are all manufactured using processes that exclude animal exploitation, but also respect a philanthropic and ecological manufacturing charter. Also, all our models are vegan, produced in Portugal, made from materials developed in Europe, and the result of eco-responsible production. COG's DNA imprint: pleading for respect for life through shoes that are resolutely ethical, but sacrifice nothing to style.

A vegan item is a product whose composition - materials and manufacturing methods combined - does not use any element of animal origin, and does not participate in any form of exploitation or mistreatment. From our application to strictly ensuring compliance with this sine qua non condition in each of the phases of development of our models, our brand has obtained the “PETA Approved Vegan” approval.

Involved in a responsible approach, our production charter is based on criteria for considering living things in the broad sense. This is why, in addition to not using animal material, it is fundamental for us to work with partners who consider their employees by offering them a working environment conducive to their well-being, through good sanitary conditions, the compliance with established safety standards, as well as decent pay and working hours. All our models are therefore made in Portugal in the Porto region, in a workshop meeting these conditions. Beyond human consideration, our approach is also ecologically responsible since we take care to limit the impact that the manufacturing of our models can have on the environment. Also, the geographical proximity between Portugal and France and the less significant carbon emissions that it implies in transport from one territory to another, is an additional reason having motivated the choice to produce in this country. Likewise, our materials are produced in Europe (in Italy and Spain) composed of recycled materials, from a circular and sustainable economy.

The main argument in favor of ecology in the manufacturing of our shoes is certainly the fact that they are free of material of animal origin. Indeed, between the methane and CO2 emissions generated by livestock farming - in particular pollution linked to livestock excrement - the deforestation necessary for the planting of cereals intended for animal feed, and the water consumption attributable to livestock farming, leather is incomparably more polluting than our similar materials. What's more, before being usable as leather, the skins need to go through a whole tanning process, often of mineral, chemical and extremely polluting origin. In addition, 90% of global leather production is outsourced to Asia, while the animals are mainly raised in Latin America; all these intercontinental transport flows - which our production does without - also generate high carbon emissions. This is why, to meet the expectations of the public accustomed to the rendering of leather materials, we use imitation leather not subject to these production constraints, in addition to being ecologically made: - suppliers promoting a circular economy through revaluation scraps of materials or used materials. - processes that consume less water. - use of recycled materials such as textiles made from plastic bottles. For example, all the interior coverings of our shoes are made from materials whose base is recycled; the same goes for our soles, the rubber of which is partially recycled. Finally, all COG shoes are produced in Portugal and use OEKO TEX 100 certified European, Italian and Spanish materials, countries whose geographical proximity to France guarantees lower emissions due to transport.

Concerned about preserving the environment, we try to always introduce more natural and recycled materials into our models. Also, all the insoles are made from recycled cork and our laces and inner coverings are made from recycled plastic bottles - mainly recovered from the Mediterranean. Depending on the characteristics specific to each model and its color variations, our shoes are also made up of synthetic materials such as polyester, polyurethane, microfibers (from the circular economy), rubber, but also natural materials such as cotton. Eager to produce according to a responsible charter and attentive to protecting the environment, we favor sustainable materials produced on European soil for a lower rate of carbon emissions. All the materials we use meet the European OEKO Tex 100 standard (textiles guaranteed to be free of toxic products for the body and the environment) and all are approved hypoallergenic, anti-perspirant, anti-odor, and resistant to abrasion .

Currently, all our models and packaging are produced in the Porto region in Portugal, a region renowned for its know-how in shoe making.

The reasons for this choice are multiple. We want to make vegan shoes accessible to our public but also produced according to an ethical charter that respects the workers in charge of making our products, ensuring their working comfort, their safety and that they receive a decent salary. . We also want our collections to be manufactured in a geographical area close to that of French territory in order to limit the carbon footprint linked to the delivery of our goods. Finally, although we are keen to give pride of place to a virtuous and committed production model, we want our shoes to be sold at a price which, while it values ​​a qualified European workforce, remains accessible. The Portuguese manufacturing framework meets all these conditions in addition to offering world-renowned traditional know-how in the shoe industry.

Although production based in France symbolizes an attractive development axis to which we could aspire in the long term (lower carbon emissions, promotion of the work of local artisans, etc.), this production site would not allow us for the moment not to be in phase with our ethico-economic model. Indeed, French manufacturing would induce a production cost, which, reflected in the selling price of the product, would force us to offer our items at a high and potentially dissuasive price. However, if our aspiration is to democratize a mode of responsible consumption, we believe that we must offer the public a solution that remains financially accessible to them. Manufacturing in Portugal gives us the possibility of being at the crossroads of these two paths, between ethical production and reasonable selling price. In addition, the French shoe market having unfortunately lost its splendor in recent decades, it would today be technically difficult, even unthinkable, to produce some of our models in France.

Because we are nice and our shoes obviously have style! ^^ More seriously, wearing COG means treating yourself to a pair of designer shoes embodying the values ​​of a committed brand, based on the desire to protect nature and give living beings the place they deserve. In addition, we aspire to support shelters involved in rescuing abandoned animals or animals that have suffered from precarious living conditions, by sharing part of our revenue with them. Also, through the purchase of your pairs of COG you are taking part in a resolutely human project. With our models on our feet, we cannot guarantee that you will run faster, even less that you will float on water (if this happens, remember to share a selfie with us ^^), on the other hand, what we promises you, is that wearing COG means offering yourself the luxury of being able to walk lightly, and the liberated conscience of offering this world the most beautiful image of what fashion has to offer.

Around the models

The choice of size depends on the model you wish to order. Also, to choose the size corresponding to your expectations, please refer to the product sheet for the desired model or to our "Size Guide" section before placing an order. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to us at the following address: contact@cog-store.fr , we will be happy to guide you in your choice. * The insoles of our RAVEN, WALLACE and WINTON models are removable. You can therefore replace them with an orthopedic insole if you are used to wearing them. Concerning our OLYMPE and WATSON city models, the insole is glued into the shoe, which may mean (if you overlap your orthopedic insole), taking a size larger than recommended.

To maintain your pair of COGs, nothing could be simpler! Use a slightly damp cloth and rub gently. Then let your pair of shoes air dry, taking care not to expose them to the sun to prevent the color from being damaged. For the maintenance of imitation-nubuck type parts, we recommend using a soft-bristled brush or a crepe brush. Avoid any abrasive product because although we have not subjected our materials to the test of all the specialized cleaning sprays on the market, some particularly corrosive products can alter the softness and quality of the materials. Also, we do not recommend the use of this type of product unless recommended by an informed shoemaker, familiar with the qualities of our nubuck-like materials. Little tip: To freshen up the inside of your shoes, you can remove and then sprinkle the soles of your sneakers with a little baking soda, or place a thin layer in your dress shoes. Bicarbonate has absorbent power. Place the removable insoles and the bicarbonate in an airtight bag for a few hours, then remove the powder by shaking your insoles before replacing them in your shoes. You can also gently rub your soles with a soft cloth previously moistened with a little soapy water. However, make sure that the soles are completely dry before putting them back in your shoes. Please note: Our shoes are not intended to be machine washed.

All of our styles are made from water-repellent materials, and while they're not designed for jumping in puddles, you can wear them in the rain without a problem. Tested and approved ;)

Our models are currently available in sizes ranging from 35 to 46. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to produce soles and shoe lasts in sizes not developed by our suppliers. Indeed, this approach would entail significant production costs for each new size and each model, which our brand is not at this time able to cover. However, we do not lose sight of this expectation, and in our prospecting to develop new models, we always take into consideration the question of supplying small and larger sizes. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to being able to satisfy more and more of you.


- Metropolitan France : Delivery costs are €3.99 to a post office or collection point, and €4.99 for home delivery against delivery with signature for any purchase under €135. Delivery is free at the post office and collection point for any purchase worth €135 or more. Home delivery against delivery with signature amounts to €1.99 for any purchase whose amount is greater than or equal to €135.

- Europe : Our delivery costs vary between €13 and €17 depending on the country of destination (see details of the delivery rate charged when placing the order).

- Rest of the World : Our delivery costs vary between €18 and €30 depending on the country of destination (see details of the delivery rate charged when placing the order).

The desire not to offer our products for express delivery goes hand in hand with our ecological approach in order not to participate in the increase in express transport solutions and the significant burden in CO2 emissions that they entail. Indeed, behind the majority of rapid deliveries, the provision of a truck which, to ensure rapid delivery of the package, may be forced to drive without optimal loading optimization.
At COG, we advocate patience on a healthy planet, more than impatience in a warming world, and we invite you to share the experience with us.
Can we reassure you, the average delivery time for our shoes is 48 hours to 72 hours; don't even have time to get cold feet ;)

All packages are prepared and shipped within a maximum of 48 working hours + delivery times depending on the delivery address. In mainland France, the average delivery time for a package via Colissimo is 48 hours or 2 working days. For Europe, the average delivery time for a package via Colissimo varies from 3 to 5 working days on average, and can in certain cases go up to 9 days depending on the country of destination. For the rest of the world: the average delivery time for a package varies from 5 to 12 working days depending on the country of destination and the delivery method selected. Shipments are only made Monday to Friday. For all orders placed on Friday after 11 a.m. or on the weekend, packages will be shipped the following Monday.

Once your order has been placed, we will send you an email summarizing your order, followed, after shipping your shoes, by a second email containing a tracking link for your package on the website of our delivery partner Colissimo.

If the estimated waiting time has expired several days ago and your package has still not been delivered to you, it may be stuck in the postal delivery chain and the delivery information may not have reached you. , or that it has been accidentally misplaced. To begin, please check online via the email that you should have received following the shipment of your order, the information concerning the tracking of the delivery of your package on the Colissimo platform. If for one reason or another you are unable to obtain further information on the delivery status of your order, do not hesitate to write to us at: contact@cog-store.fr so that we can contact the carrier to be able to better inform you about the delivery status of your order, and to resolve the delivery problem.

Your package may have been returned to us for different reasons:

1/ Parcel not collected from the post office or relay point within 10 days during which it is kept before reshipment.

2/ Parcel not collected from the post office within the 10 day period during which it is kept following the customer's absence during the attempted home delivery.

3/ Name of recipient and/or contact details incorrectly entered. If your package has been returned to us for one of the first two reasons mentioned above, we will contact you by email to find out the shipping method you wish to use so that your package can be sent back to you. Unfortunately, in this case, the reshipment costs charged by the carrier will be your responsibility. If your package was returned to us for the third reason mentioned above, we will contact you by email to verify your shipping details. If we inadvertently entered your details incorrectly when editing your delivery label, preventing the successful receipt of your order, we will reship your package to you as soon as possible. If unfortunately the error in providing the contact details indicated on the package was due to a lack of vigilance on your part, we will reship your package as soon as possible but we would be forced to charge you for the costs of reshipping your package. package.

Returns & Refunds

For one reason or another, you wish to return your pair(s) to us, no problem. You have 30 days from the date of receipt of your order to return it to us. All you need to do is send us your request to the following address: contact@cog-store.fr then return your items to us (see shipping terms and costs below in the FAQ)

After receipt and verification of the quality of the returned product, we will, according to your wish, exchange or refund your item (excluding shipping costs for the order), or if you wish, issue a credit note. of a value equal to the amount of your purchase valid for one year on cog-store.com

Please note, the item(s) can only be refunded if the goods are returned to us in a condition similar to that noted during shipping, i.e. new and clean shoes, not having been worn, and box in the same condition as when your package was received, suitable for resale.

The package must also contain all the items present in the box during shipping - including the delivery note - otherwise it will unfortunately not be possible for us to issue a refund.

Thank you for the care taken with your package.

If the size received is not suitable, we can exchange your pair for another size of the same model (while stocks last). Simply send us your request by writing to us at contact@cog-store.fr
Return costs for the exchanged pair are free for mainland France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
As part of this exchange, the shipping costs for the new pair are 6.5 euros.
We will come back to you for payment terms.

We will ship your new pair to you after receiving and verifying the contents and status of your returned order.

If you do not wish to exchange your pair, you are also given the option of being reimbursed for the amount of your purchase, or of benefiting from a voucher valid for one year on cog-store.com.

The refund of an order only concerns the cost of the items, not the shipping costs specific to sending the package.

Please note, the item(s) can only be exchanged or refunded if the goods are returned to us in a condition similar to that noted during shipping, i.e. new and clean shoes, not having been worn. excluding fitting, and box in the same condition as the package arrived, suitable for resale.

- If your country is part of the list of countries concerned by free returns (see details of return costs below in the FAQ), we will produce a label for you to print and then affix to your package in order to return it to us. - If your country of residence is not affected by the free return offer, please send us your return request by email to the address contact@cog-store.fr before proceeding with the return to be made by means transport of your choice. The recipient address to be mentioned on the return slip must be: COG BP 50061, 69802 ST PRIEST CEDEX, FRANCE. In order to be returned to us, an item must meet the following eligibility criteria:

- Returned shoes must not have been worn (except when trying them on a flat, clean surface) or show any signs of wear.

- Shoes must be returned with the accompanying accessories (laces, sole, etc.).

- The box must be returned in its original condition. If the shoes arrive to us in a condition that does not meet the conditions mentioned above, we will unfortunately not be able to refund them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Return costs are free for mainland France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands - within the limit of a return offered by Customer without maintaining a purchase by the Customer of an order placed . Thus, in this context, the return of a first order is free, the return costs caused by the return of other orders are the responsibility of the Customer, and this, until the purchase of an item is preserved. ordered for reactivation of the free return procedure.

For other countries in Europe and the rest of the world, return costs are the responsibility of the customer.


Please refer to the Stores section accessible at the bottom of the home page to find the list of our resellers.


If you have forgotten your password and/or are no longer able to connect to your account on cog-store, you can create a new one by clicking on "Forgotten password" in the space dedicated to the connection. A reset email will then be sent to you along with a new temporary login password. In case of difficulty, do not hesitate to contact our customer service .

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