Men's Vegan Low-Top Sneakers

    Discover our Winton men’s vegan sneakers

    The modern man's low-top sneaker: resolutely trendy, intimately ethical.

    Imagine a low fashion shoe that fits all styles and whose manufacturing ethics are no longer the exception, but the rule. Does that tempt you? We made it for you!

    Goodbye to the originally untraceable pair of low-top rigid leather sneakers, make way for modern men's tennis shoes, make way for the Winton.

    At COG, we've made it our mission to reconcile your love of style and your moral values. Sewn with ethical values, entirely designed without animal materials and handmade, our low-top sneakers , and is the image of our other models, from our Wallace high tops to our city shoes, the culmination of what ethical fashion has to offer. more elegant and classy to offer.

    A sober design for a distinguished style, let yourself be seduced by the charms of our low-top sneaker.

    Our collection of men's sneakers is 100% vegan , made according to an eco-responsible model, and produced with respect for workers in Portugal.

    White tennis shoes with a clean line, our Winton will go just as well with your casual outfits as with the more chic pieces in your wardrobe.

    From crimson, to imperial green, to black, find our vegan low-top sneakers in all their colors and all sizes!

    The COG low-top sneaker: with the look and the style!

    Putting on your pumps to go sip a diabolo on the terrace is nice, but taking out your vegan men's sneakers to have a drink on the rooftop is still really classier!

    At COG, while we take particular care in the design of our shoes, what we are undoubtedly most proud of in our line of ethical men's sneakers is the values ​​they defend.

    Our Winton is guaranteed to be leather-free and our glues are water-based , free of animal materials, for vegan men's sneakers and labeled PETA APPROVED VEGAN .

    What’s more, by supporting cruelty-free fashion, you also support eco-responsible production; we explain why.

    Already because our Winton is made up of synthetic fibers whose manufacturing has a carbon impact 2 to 20 times lower than that generated by leather!

    Our materials are OEKO-TEX 100 certified - designed to protect the environment and human beings.

    What's more, in the choice of materials making up our models, recycled materials are favored, like the sole of our Winton, made up of 30% old recycled rubber scraps. The interior lining of our low-top sneaker is made from a durable and anti-abrasive microfiber material, also from the circular economy, in accordance with our eco-responsible design charter.

    The Winton, a vegan men's shoe with comfort in mind

    The manufacturing ethics and design of our flagship men's model are not the only aspects we give our all to, and when we work on the development of our sneakers, at COG we leave nothing to chance when it comes to their comfort.

    As a result, each COG model has benefited from several months - sometimes years - of research to improve the line and shape of the fit, for sneakers combining profiled line and tailor-made comfort.

    Our goal: to offer you the best shoe experience, and for you to feel truly comfortable in your vegan men's shoes.

    For this, we chose an interior coating for the lining and insole of our tennis shoes, with anti-perspirant, anti-odor, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, for unparalleled comfort throughout the day.

    Gentlemen, take our Winton and experience for yourself its unparalleled comfort and perfect fit. Trying a pair of COG men's sneakers means adopting them!

    And if your heart leans more towards a sportswear or street look, discover our Raven and Wallace models and their foolproof comfort.

    Behind the scenes of our vegan sneakers for men

    Did anyone tell you?

    In addition to being exclusively vegan , our men's Winton is made from materials made in Spain and Italy, for casual shoes 100% Made In Europe !

    All our men's vegan sneakers are designed in a small family workshop on a human scale and with multi-generational know-how in the north of Portugal. Workshop employees assemble our sneakers by hand, for optimal quality and resistance.

    Each of our visits gives us the pleasure of meeting our partners and working with them to improve our models, to get to know each of the workshop employees better, and to ensure that the manufacturing of our shoes is carried out in good conditions and a secure framework for our partners.

    This is also the COG spirit: producing eco-responsible and vegan sneakers, within a structure that values ​​people for a brand that is intrinsically ethical and philanthropic.

    Ethical and supportive sneakers

    If offering you vegan low-top sneakers for men is our pride, supporting people working voluntarily for animal welfare is an additional luxury that we want to treat ourselves to.

    Also, part of the profits from each pair of ethical sneakers sold on the store is donated to associations and shelters involved in animal rescue.

    Find out more about the ethical values ​​of our company .

    Our eco-responsible Winton sneaker in brief

    At COG, we have given ourselves a mission: to offer stylish shoes at an affordable price, with flawless design, and manufactured with uncompromising ethics, with respect for humans, animals and nature.

    For this, we have designed a whole range of models so that there is something for everyone, and among these, our Winton low-top men's sneakers perfectly play their role as a timeless go-anywhere model.

    Boasting all the qualities of a modern sneaker thanks to its production ethics, our small eco-designed sneaker for men - also available in women's sizes - will be the elegance and comfort asset that your ethical wardrobe is missing.

    Vegan, philanthropist, eco-responsible , no longer choose between a trendy look and your moral values ​​when choosing your sports shoes.

    Discover our Topsy men’s vegan shoes

    At COG, we believe that it is possible to reconcile a love of fashion and a love of life. Our commitment: to create shoes with an irresistible design, without using leather of animal origin, and to have them made by well-paid artisans who benefit from good working conditions.

    Preserving the planet, protecting animals, but also humans: that’s the ambition of our Topsy men’s vegan sneaker. With this stylish and comfortable shoe, COG goes even further in eco-responsibility: let yourself be surprised by this ecological and ethical sneaker, made in Europe in small family workshops, and designed from plant-based and recycled materials.

    Une sneaker vegan homme composée de matières écologiques 

    Fabriquer une basket basse tendance à partir de déchets viticoles recyclés : un pari fou que nous avons choisi de tenir avec la Topsy, la chaussure éco-responsable par excellence. Des années de recherche et développement ont permis de trouver LA formule pour concevoir un similicuir plus vrai que nature avec comme base principale du marc de raisin, allié à du polyester recyclé. 

    Ce processus de fabrication suit plusieurs étapes bien précises : récolte du raisin, extraction du jus, récupération du marc de raisin, broyage des résidus... Le mélange obtenu est ensuite mixé à des huiles végétales et des matières de synthèse, étalé, texturé puis teinté, jusqu'à obtenir une matière prête à être découpée et utilisée pour le revêtement extérieur de notre chaussure vegan homme. 

    Mais les autres éléments qui composent la Topsy ne sont pas en reste. Chez COG, on fait le choix d’utiliser au maximum des solutions écologiques et recyclées. Pour cela, on s’entoure des meilleures fournisseurs et maison de production de matières d’Espagne, du Portugal et d’Italie, qui nous offre tout un panel de solution éco responsables pour produire nos chaussures : 

    • Des bouteilles en plastique repêchées en Méditerranée, puis revalorisées, sont utilisées pour la doublure intérieure. 
    • Du liège et des fibres plastiques recyclées sont soigneusement assemblés pour la semelle intérieure. 
    • Du caoutchouc recyclé à 30 % compose la semelle extérieure. 
    • Enfin, du polytéréphtalate d'éthylène (PET) recyclé est utilisé pour tisser les lacets. 

    Pour aller au bout de cette démarche éco-responsable dans notre mode de production, on a également fait le choix de confier la fabrication de nos sneakers vegan homme à de petits ateliers familiaux situés au nord du Portugal. Chez nous, pas de baskets à l'origine intraçable, composées de matériaux polluants provenant des quatre coins du monde. COG est fier de produire tout près de chez nous, en Europe, limitant ainsi les émissions de CO2 liées aux transports. 

    An ecological AND ethical vegan men’s shoe

    Reducing the ecological impact linked to the transport of raw materials and finished products is not the only interest of this local production. Human ethics and the well-being of the people with whom we collaborate to design our products is also at the center of our priorities. This is why we have selected workshops based in Portugal, guaranteeing good working conditions and decent salaries to their employees.

    Our deep conviction: the direct relationship between consideration of people, and the involvement, passion and quality of the work they provide. We also pay particular attention to the conditions of the people with whom we collaborate, carefully ensuring that their employers respect the safety rules and health standards favorable to their development.

    The advantage of these Portuguese clothing houses: the reputation of their know-how inherited from decades of experience.

    Thus, our men's vegan sneakers allow us to reconcile the different values ​​that are dear to us: protection of animals, preservation of the environment, but also respect for human dignity. Ethical shoes that have nothing to envy of fast fashion in terms of design, elegance and comfort, quite the contrary!

    A vegan men's sneaker as elegant as it is comfortable

    The Topsy is the perfect balance between sobriety and elegance, making it an essential piece for any men's wardrobe. Indeed, this sneaker can be worn in all circumstances: as a dressy outfit, during a walk in the park, or even during a short sports session.

    From the most chic to the most casual looks, our vegan men's shoes will always have a place on your feet! In jeans, chinos, shorts or Bermuda shorts, in summer and winter, it will become the most faithful companion in your wardrobe. Especially since the Topsy comes in different colors, for all styles and tastes: white/black, black/white, white/blue, white/red, white/beige or even blue/white/red.

    At COG, we also worked hard to develop a shoe with unparalleled comfort. Months of research allowed us to find the optimal shape and the ideal line, in order to create the most comfortable shoe to wear. Believe us: no detail has been left to chance for the well-being of your feet!

    This is why the interior lining is composed exclusively of materials with anti-perspirant, anti-odor, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Gentlemen, experience it for yourselves: to try the Topsy is to adopt it, whether for its timeless design or for its unrivaled comfort.

    Comfortable to wear, easy to maintain

    Our men's vegan sneakers are not intended to be machine washed, because despite the resistance of the materials and seams of our models, the drum could damage the fibers, and the washing temperature could alter the resistance of water-based glues. used in the assembly of the different parts of our shoes.

    For the maintenance of your Topsy, we recommend using a damp cloth to gently rub the exterior part - the upper - of the shoes. Then, dry them in the open air, avoiding exposing them too much to the sun, as this risks fading the colors. To maintain faux-nubuck type parts, we recommend scrubbing in circles using a crepe brush or a soft-bristle brush.

    To give your insoles a fresh look, remove them from your sneakers, pour a few spoons of baking soda on top of the sole, then place everything in an airtight bag. After a few hours, shake the soles to remove the powder, and place them back in your men's vegan shoes.

    The Topsy men's vegan shoe: a name steeped in history

    The name of our Topsy model is inspired by an elephant born in Asia at the end of the 19th century. Sent to the United States, she lived most of her life in New York where she was used to perform in circuses, performances during which she was subjected to numerous abuses.

    One day, when a trainer tries to make her eat a lit cigarette, Topsy defends herself and kills her attacker. To punish her for her action, she was sentenced to die by electrocution on Coney Island on January 4, 1903.

    By giving the name Topsy to a vegan men's shoe, COG pays homage to the elephant and wishes to denounce the mistreatment of animals, of which she has become a true symbol. Labeled PETA APPROVED VEGAN, our shoe is made without any material of animal origin, and therefore without any cruelty.

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