Women's Vegan Shoes

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    Discover our ethical and vegan shoe models for women.

    Did you know that nine out of ten people who invest in defending ethical causes are women?

    At COG, we took the time to listen to you and we made a point of paying tribute to this feminine generosity that characterizes you in the creation of our range of ethical shoe models.

    Our priority is that you can be the modern woman who resembles you, by wearing ethical shoes, according to your desires, according to your tastes and your mood.

    This is why we have designed a whole range of vegan sneakers and women's city shoes without materials of animal origin.

    Our vision of ethical shoes: vegan shoes for women and men, produced with consideration of animal welfare, respect for the people making them, and eco-responsible to preserve nature and biodiversity.

    Be an ethical woman and proud of it

    What if you changed the way you choose your shoes?

    At COG, we start from the principle that if aesthetics are essential, the beauty of an item is no less dependent on the ethics involved in its manufacture.

    Also, our dearest wish is that our shoes bring this ethical and modern note to your feminine wardrobe.

    Our definition of the ideal ethical shoe: a trendy model, produced according to a scrupulous moral charter, taking into account the expectations of the public and offered at a fair price.

    So, according to our ethics, we revisited the standards of classic shoes by producing low, high and sportswear sneakers , as well as low-heeled, feminine and elegant vegan ankle boots, which will enhance the outfits in your wardrobe.

    Timeless, stylish and comfortable sneakers and city shoes.

    Beyond producing vegan and trendy women's shoes, our third priority is to make our shoes as pleasant as possible to wear. After all, isn't comfort the primary luxury of a shoe?

    Also, for our unisex sneakers as for our women's ankle boots , we have selected high-quality vegan materials, both resistant and flexible, to ensure unfailing comfort.

    We have also taken particular care in working on the shape of the upper (upper part of the shoe) and the fit of our women's shoes in order to offer you an impeccable fit, combined with great elegance. The soles of our women's ankle boots are also tailor-made to give your feet all the comfort they need. They are made of Neolite, a synthetic material combining flexibility and resistance.

    Finally, so that your feet can breathe throughout the day, the lining and insole of our shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and cork which have the property of being hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-perspirant, -odors.

    At COG, comfort is our strong point, women's ankle boots or unisex vegan sneakers, trying them is adopting them!

    A brand committed to animal welfare.

    At COG, no leather or any other material of animal origin in our vegan shoes ! Our sneakers and ankle boots are vegan and labeled PETA APPROVED VEGAN, for guaranteed fashion without suffering.

    In addition, by wearing vegan shoes, you are doing something for the planet, since our materials emit much less CO2 than leather!

    Finally, to perpetuate this virtuous circuit, part of the profits from the sales of our vegan shoes for women is donated to voluntary associations involved in animal rescue!

    Find out more about the ethical values ​​of our company.

    One small step in COG, one big step for humanity.

    In addition to being vegan, our materials come exclusively from Italy and Spain, for true eco-responsible fashion Made In Europe.

    But that's not all !

    All our models of women's shoes are made in a family workshop with know-how inherited from several generations which gives our shoes unfailing quality.

    These are made in the north of Portugal, a region renowned for this area of ​​craftsmanship.

    We work in close collaboration with the staff of the House, whom we visit several times a year, and ensure that good working conditions are respected for the employees in charge of manufacturing our shoes.

    Modern shoes for modern women

    You now know everything - or almost :) - about our shoes!

    Whatever your favorite shoes, whether you prefer casual and relaxed sneakers , or whether you prefer dressy ankle boots , we have the pair of cruelty-free, ecological, and made in a philanthropic setting that you need.

    No more questions about the origin of materials, or manufacturing secrets, we tell you everything about our vegan shoes, in complete transparency!

    Our mission: to reconcile trendy fashion and ethical manufacturing for you, and to offer you the chic of no longer having to choose between fashionable shoes and your human values.

    What if we changed the world by rethinking the way we wear shoes?

    Ladies, our women's shoes are waiting for you.

    A friend or relative looking for a pair of ethical shoes for men ? Don’t hesitate to introduce him to our men’s boutique .