Around the Watson

Discover our city shoes for men: vegan, trendy and elegant.

What if we changed our clothing habits and the way we choose our shoes?

A trendy , elegant men's shoe that respects your moral convictions, does that tempt you?

A centerpiece for special occasions, the Richelieu is to men's dress shoes what pumps are to women's wardrobe.

This is why at COG, we wanted to develop this essential dress shoe, infusing it with our house ethic.

Combining refinement, sobriety and elegance, the men's Richelieu or ''Oxford shoes'' in English, is the must have in terms of aesthetics for men's shoes.

This is why we wanted to revisit this timeless classic of the trendy men's wardrobe in a vegan and eco-responsible version, so that you no longer have to choose between your moral sense and your attraction to stylish men's fashion.

The COG Watson, the ultimate men's Oxford.

An undeniable reference in the register of men's city shoes, the Richelieu is distinguished from derby-type models by its closed lacing.

The Richelieu type having forged its reputation over the ages as the elegant formal shoe par excellence, we spent months working on the shape of our Watson in order to give it a streamlined line and a finish that meets the expectations of a male clientele. demanding.

A slender design, an upper that follows the curves of the foot, a square toe, a five-point lace loop, fine and discreet topstitching, and our floral logo finish, we have left nothing to chance in the design of our men's Oxford to make it the shoe with missing character in your men's wardrobe.

The material making up the upper of our Watson is 1.5 mm thick imitation leather, matte enhanced with a very light layer of shine for a look that is both sober and very elegant.

Our vegan men's city shoe is available in two colors: a deep black - perfect to accompany a suit or an evening tuxedo, but goes just as well with blue jeans - and a mahogany brown , ideal to wear with a blue suit or raw jeans.

A timeless and iconic men's shoe, but not only that!

If we like to have pretty shoes on our feet and feel comfortable in them, we appreciate even more the idea of ​​wearing ethical shoes , the result of fair manufacturing and in accordance with our moral values: respect for humans , animals and the planet .

This is why in the making of COG men's dress shoes , we do not use leather or any other material of animal origin.

Also, from our women's and/or men's sneakers to our city shoes, we only produce vegan shoes , and our brand is labeled PETA APPROVED VEGAN for fashion guaranteed without animal suffering.

Our vegan Oxford shoes for men are made of vegan imitation leather. By wearing COG shoes, you save the planet from all carbon emissions attributable to livestock farming, for an ecological city shoe and intrinsically responsible production.

In addition, the materials of our vegan shoes are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and designed with respect for the environment - promoting a circular economy - and that of the workers participating in their development.

Whether for our city shoes or our men's sneakers , the attention paid to materials will be the same!

Our objective ? Offering you cruelty-free shoes, contributing to the development of responsible and trendy fashion!

Let's talk little, but let's talk well: let's talk comfort.

The unpleasant experience that we attribute to many dress shoes is the getting used to period necessary for the pair to get used to the feet, or as is often said, the fact of having to “break in” the shoe.

No problem on that side with our Watsons; we have worked on the shape of the shoe so that neither the toes nor the heel are compressed by the liner. In addition, the flexibility of our imitation leather, combined with that of the reinforcing material making up the interior of our ethical Oxford shoes for men, ensures your foot fits to the millimeter for perfect comfort.

The lining of our men's shoes is made of high-quality microfiber with the properties of being anti-perspirant, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-odor, to ensure real comfort all day long.

The choice of materials making up the insole of a city shoe being of capital importance, we have entrusted the development of our sole to a leading supplier in the field. Specializing in the testing and development of tailor-made insoles, under his advice we opted for a half-hard, half-cushioned sole, for unrivaled wearing comfort.

The outsole is made of neolite, a material that is both flexible and very durable.

Gentlemen, believe us, we wear our Richelieu every day and we think about sleeping in them. So we're not afraid to tell you, trying them means never leaving them; words of creators!

But instead, experience it and see for yourself.

The COG men's ethical Richelieu, or French chic.

Ok, we take stock and fill in the gaps.

Boasting a refined design and a line of character, our men's Oxford shoes are not only eco-responsible, but they are also made from materials made exclusively in Spain and Italy, for vegan, elegant and 100% Made In Europe men's shoes!

We forgot to specify that our handmade city shoes are not only ecological, but also made in a workshop in the northern region of Portugal, with know-how of more than 6 decades of age, giving our men's and women's shoes of optimal quality. Employees work there in a clean, secure environment, conducive to their development and promoting their know-how through fair remuneration.

Finally, if you didn't know, for each pair of sneakers, women's ankle boots or men's Oxfords sold on the store, part of the profits are donated to associations and shelters involved in animal rescue!

Vegan, eco-responsible shoes, produced within a philanthropic framework, and supporting solidarity projects , if that's not French chic, we don't know what it is.

If you want to learn more about the behind-the-scenes production of our men's Oxfords, visit our values . Also discover the entire range of our vegan men's sneakers .