“The value of an object does not lie in its rarity, but in the ethical concern invested in its manufacture.”


Marque chaussures vegan COG

Launched in April 2020, COG makes its entry into the world of eco-responsible fashion, at the initiative of its creator, Camara Omar Gwenhaël, who lends his initials to the brand to realize his dream: to see a fashion combining design, comfort and ethics, respectful of both living things and the planet .

To bring this to life, our brand offers, as an alternative to leather items, shoes of exclusively vegan composition and produced in Europe using ecological materials , with the aspiration that each of the creations leaving our offices be the perfect expression of our desire to preserve animal life, the planet, and every particle of life forming biodiversity.

Driven by this same ethic, we ensure that the people making our products work and evolve on a daily basis in good conditions . For this, our shoes are assembled in several small family workshops in Portugal, which we visit regularly, and with whom we work in close collaboration in each of the stages of developing our creations.

Since the launch of COG, our team has used all its expertise to fulfill two wishes: to disseminate fashion devoid of any suffering , and to offer the public the luxury of carry products of excellence, with the pride of represent the values ​​of a brand truly positioned for respect for the Earth and all living things .