Interview COG


Hello everyone and welcome to this new COG interviews section :)

If there is one thing to which we are very attached and of which we are particularly proud since the creation of our brand, it is the ideal that we defend and to start the day with the idea of ​​being a company supporting a true ethical approach, driven by deep human values.

In recent years, we have seen so many wonderful and inspiring initiatives born around us, sharing this same desire to bring more meaning and heart into our daily lives, that we said to ourselves that it would be sad to move on to alongside the opportunity to give a voice to the people behind these projects.

The principle is established; here no other principle than that of a friendly and uninhibited exchange around an initiative, an event, a concept or a personal ideal based on morality.
Creation of an ethical fashion brand or an association fighting against discrimination, saving the neighbor's kitten perched in the poplar tree, raising funds for the creation of a school in Bolivia or providing permaculture courses; there is no limit to the themes covered.

The COG interviews, it starts now, place for ethics, room for exchange and thank you to our interviewees and to you for discovering them ;)

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