6 idées cadeaux éco responsables pour la fête des mères.

They are the Wonder Women of our lives, always ready to come to the rescue of their little ones - even if they are 60 years old and around them there is protection worthy of the royal guard; you guessed it, today we're talking about our moms.

If only for their love, they deserve to be shown our mutual good feelings, and that's good, since mothers will soon be in the spotlight during the traditional Mother's Day.

In order not to fall into the commercial excesses that we could attribute to certain "Days of...", we said to ourselves that a touch of ethics, combined with a touch of originality and a lot of love, would be the perfect alchemy to make this occasion an unforgettable memory for your mother.

Let's go!

Let us be careful not to forget that a gift does not necessarily rhyme with material, and that offering one's time, in a world where everyone is running behind the needle, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ways to remind one's love. who we love.

A smile, and some time, that’s sure to delight your mom!

So, we turn off the cell phones, for a program of discussions and relaxation with the family, all accompanied by a few distractions related to the affinities of the birthday person of the day.

We see some who fear seeing family albums brought out again, and anecdotes from their childhood exposed in broad daylight ;) Let's admit that beyond the little embarrassments, this sweet expression of their maternal love through all these memories has what to touch.

“...I have swimming pool, I have bowling…”

Is this your excuse to run away from the photo album? No luck, your mother is a master yogi for whom the opening of chakra no longer holds any secrets, and she would beat Florent Manaudou in a 200m medley.

Come on, it's not every day Mother's Day, so we leave our laziness in the locker room, we put on our pair of Raven , we take out the floor mat, or our best swimsuit for a sports session with our tireless mother.

So, if your mother is a fan of yoga, to spoil her - or equip yourself to join her - you will find great cork and natural rubber mats and other eco-responsible accessories at Yogamatata .

And to take a dip with the family, if your last swimsuit dates from 4th grade swimming pool lessons, ladies, you will find what you are looking for at Anja, where a whole range of swimsuits designed with ecological materials is offered, and Made in Europe.

3 - Offrir une plante verte pour une fête mère nature.

On le sait, le sport n’est pas le hobby de tout le monde, et il se trouve que ce n’est pas celui de votre chère et douce maman. 

Son truc à elle, ça serait plutôt la nature et le retour à la terre.

Chez COG, on vous le disait dans notre article sur une Saint-Valentin éthique, on laisse les fleurs aux champs pour les mirer le temps de nos balades, et on leur préfère les plantes vertes, toutes aussi décoratives, et globalement moins délétères pour la planète en termes de culture.

Du coup, pour cette fête des mères, on vous propose d’offrir à votre maman un brin de verdure planté dans un joli pot ancien en terre cuite ; ou, pour être encore plus éco responsable et naturel, une plante bouturée dans un pot taillé à même le bois. 

Si le concept ne vous évoque rien, vous pouvez le découvrir chez cadeau-maestro. A vous le choix de la variété de plantes et le message personnalisé qui apparaîtra sur l'éco-cube en bois qui accueillera la plante. Une mignonne attention pleine d’amour, et de vie !

Votre mère a le râteau qui la démange matin comme soir, et elle parle tant de son potager que ses amis la surnomme dorénavant géant vert ? Alors c’est le moment idéal pour l'amener à s'intéresser aux modèles de plantations durables comme la permaculture.

Melon, pardon, mêlons donc nature et lectures en abordant le thème avec légèreté et poésie grâce à l’un de ses trois ouvrages spécialisés : 

Introduction to permaculture ” by Bill MOLLISON, to discover the basics of this form of agriculture

Permaculture in the garden month by month ” by Damien DEKARZ, for complete learning.

Living with the Earth ” by Perrine and Charles HERVÉ-GRUYER, a major work that has become famous for the quality and completeness of its content.

Well, if you've arrived here, it's because you must have at least a little penchant for ethical fashion, so let's go for some eco-fashion gift ideas.

Let's start with jewelry. If you want to mark the occasion by giving your mother a ring or bracelet for her birthday, jewelers offer pretty creations produced with an ethic of sourcing the minerals making up their jewelry, like what Aglaia & co do. Consideration of people working in search of precious stones, principle of respect for the environment, the various social and ecological issues are addressed by the new players in this industry. Visit our article an ethical Valentine’s Day to find our selection of ethical jewelers.

Let's take a quick look at the clothing brands by taking a look at Suny , a young local brand, since, like COG, their premises are located in Lyon. The commitment of Stéphanie and Laetitia, the two founders of the brand: to offer chic, refined fashion, with authentic values ​​thanks to European production, and the use of 100% organic, GOTS certified raw materials.

It’s the turn of accessories and leather goods. We invite you to discover the Camille brand - aka Camilleveganbags - which, as its name suggests, offers bags produced without animal materials, made from plant-based materials, such as Pinatex, Apple skin, or even imitation leather. cereal base.

You think we wouldn't miss the opportunity to offer you a small pair of our shoes to dress your dear mother's feet.

In this radiant month of May, we invite you to discover - or reacquaint yourself with - our Winton model in its white and gold version, with the small idea that it would hit your mother's heart.

Like all COG models, our vegan sneaker is produced in Portugal, and designed in an eco-responsible approach, in particular thanks to the use of recycled European materials, such as its interior lining and its laces, made from recycled plastic bottles, and its natural cork sole.

If your mother likes more shimmering colors, why not treat her to our Raven Raspberry and its red fruit shades? We'll let you browse here to discover our collection of eco-friendly sneakers in more detail.

More classic, but always received with the same pleasure, the dinner invitation will certainly fill your mother with joy. It's also the ideal opportunity to invite the people dearest to her heart to give her a moment she won't soon forget!

At COG, you know, we focus on everything cruelty-free, and for your outings to restaurants, we therefore recommend the application vegOresto from the L214 association to find the gourmet address that will put your darling mama's taste buds in turmoil. Vegetarian restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, or offering plant-based alternatives, the app is the perfect ally to find all the VG addresses around you.

Does your mother prefer lunch on the grass or a quiet meal at home to dinner in a restaurant? No matter, we get busy filling a beautiful basket with organic ingredients and concocting a meal worthy of a star chef.

To begin, a stop at the greengrocer stand or at the market is essential to be sure to obtain the best fresh, local and seasonal products to prepare this holiday meal. Then, to enhance our preparation, let's go to the local grocery store to discover some brands offering original and tasty products. Plant-based alternatives to meat or dairy products, it's time to let your curiosity speak to please, and in the process please yourself.

Some examples of ethical sweet/salty brands whose range of vegan products have passed through our offices and which we have been able to enjoy:

Go Nuts and their famous spreads.

Cheeses and spreads from Jay&Joy

Chocolates from Nomo

Everything is ready. All that's left to do is take out grandma's crockery from the Louis

Ah, the pleasure of ending a meal with a little surprise gift, taken out neither seen nor known from under the table, we love it. Tadammm! It's time for a well-being gift.

A routine to revive the complexion? A beautiful emerald green nail polish? An exfoliating massage for the body? There is no shortage of ideas in the facial and body care department.

Of course, your mother deserves the best, and there are no better products than natural solutions, designed with respect for ecosystems and biodiversity.

So let's turn our attention to two beautiful French cosmetics brands, exclusively vegan and steeped in morality: Charlotte Bio and Le Rouge Français , both of which offer a very beautiful range of makeup and beauty products that will make your mother happy.

Another relaxation idea: a pampering afternoon and a relaxing massage in an organic beauty salon. They are developing almost everywhere in France, such as I love me in Paris, Lola Menthe in Lyon, Perle de silk in Strasbourg, or Mademoiselle Bio in Bordeaux, to spend a pleasant zen moment and stock up on good vibes to your mother.

Le cadeau parfait pour la fête des mères : celui offert avec amour.

…said Mother Teresa, and we agree with her entirely.

We have a thousand other cool ideas to submit to you to make this Mother's Day a unique moment: an epic hunt for historical monuments in the heart of the old town, a flea market day to hunt for old furniture, a DIY book to find out everything do it yourself, a theater ticket, an invitation to a one-woman show, or to a Rammstein concert…

Ultimately, no one knows your mom better than you, and your inventiveness will undoubtedly be your best ally in the mission to give her a great day.

But more importantly, Mother's Day is above all an opportunity to remind our mothers how special and dear they are to us. And we bet that from the smallest nothing, to the greatest everything, the gifts they receive will suddenly be the most beautiful attention for them. Boundless love, that’s their super power, isn’t it? Your mother, this Wonder Woman.

Thank you for reading, and happy day to all mothers!

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