The particularities of our second-hand models

    The Prototypes

    During the development phases, different prototypes are produced which, although they do not conform to the pairs put on sale, are completely portable.

    Unique pairs for unparalleled style ;)

    A slight defect

    A little snag, a logo of the wrong size, a stain on the sole, despite their imperfections, our shoes are comfortable and quality.

    Discover the photos and description of the model you like, and take advantage of a reduction to offer it to yourself. Each of our pairs, even imperfect, deserves to be shod.

    Shooting pairs

    Stars for a day, some pairs are used during our shoots, and despite the care we take to keep them intact, they can no longer be sold as new. We therefore offer them to you second hand, at a reduced price.

    Small prices, big steps for the planet

    If prototypes are essential to create new models and bring to life the designs that we wish to offer you, only the final prototype of the development process, deemed compliant, will be marketable. Our prototypes thus present unique features (logo to be adjusted, sole of a color not chosen, etc.) and although not produced in series, these models are nonetheless marketable pairs,

    On the production side at COG, we only manufacture in our workshops the quantity of pairs of vegan shoes necessary to meet your needs, without overproduction of models of vegan ankle boots, Chelsea or sneakers manufactured to supply operations such as winter sales or sales. summer. This also avoids dormant stocks and unsold items . Restocking of your favorite vegan shoes and eco-responsible sneakers is only done when these models are out of stock, or about to become so.

    Faithful to our ecological commitments , so as not to destroy these imperfect pairs, we offer them to you on promotion , so that they can find wear, despite their particularities.

    Unique pairs , prototypes, models with production defects, or even second-hand sneakers, our Imparfaites are a gesture for the planet , but also a good deal for your wallet .

    The quality required

    Who says unique vegan sneaker and affordable price , does not mean lower quality.

    Like all our models, our pairs of vegan sneakers and ecological city shoes do not contain any material of animal origin and are partly made of plant-based and recycled materials . All are also handmade in Portugal for 100% made in Europe!

    Your satisfaction will always be our priority. This is why only pairs in good condition, with small tears or small marks, are put up for sale as Imperfect.

    To guarantee you the best experience, each pair of vegan sneakers or a pair of dress shoes joining the ranks of our Imparfaites is scrupulously examined, photographed and detailed on its product sheet in our store, so that you know everything about your pair of Imparfaites before letting yourself be tempted.

    Go to the product sheet of the model that interests you to discover its specific features.

    You talk about our eco-responsible shoes best!