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Around Olympus

The women's ankle boot from COG, a contemporary shoe, in the image of the modern woman.

Did you know ? It is estimated that nine out of ten people involved in the protection of living beings and the planet are women!

Also, we wanted to pay tribute in our own way to this feminine altruism by creating a women's dress shoe in the image of those invested in carrying these human values.

We have transcribed this ideal through our first vegan ankle boot for women ; a flat heel ankle boot, designed to be both elegant and comfortable, produced according to a cruelty-free and philanthropic ethical charter: the Olympe.

Contemporary in its manufacturing ethics, timeless in its shape, and elegant in its line, our Olympe women's ankle boot is perfectly in tune with the times: cruelty free, ecological, and made with respect.

Our wish is to offer a vegan, trendy, ethical and quality alternative to women's leather ankle boots .

Psss... we also make vegan sneakers for women if you'd like to take a look ;)

The Olympe, a pearl of ethical ankle boots in an elegant setting.

Flat ankle boot with a beveled heel and slightly rounded toe, the upper of the shoe perfectly matches the curves of the foot, for a harmonious, feminine and elegant line.

Set with its side buckle and its platinum gold-colored zip head, our little eco-responsible shoe is both chic and discreet. Matching just as well with a dress as with jeans, our vegan ankle boot will enhance all the outfits in your fall/winter wardrobe.

To satisfy everyone's tastes, our ethical shoe for women is available in 4 colors.

Looking for elegance and sobriety? Our chocolate brown ankle boot and our black ankle boot are the solution for you. If, on the contrary, you want to let the fantasy within you express itself, our carmine red ankle boot or our navy blue ankle boot are the vegan shoes you need.

An ultra comfortable women's city shoe, designed to be worn every day.

With its small heel with a height of 2.5 cm, its zip and its elastic ankle, our Olympe will be the ideal ally combining comfort and elegance. Quick to put on, pleasant to wear, easy to remove, they are the pair of women's ankle boots you need when your days impose a sustained pace on you.

Designed to be neither too narrow so as not to be too tight, nor too wide so as not to lose any of its hold, the upper of the Olympe is made of vegan imitation leather that is both supple and resistant, to ensure comfort for your feet. tailor-made, and an optimal lifespan for your shoes.

In addition, the material of the inner lining of our women's ankle boot is made of antibacterial, anti-perspirant and hypoallergenic microfiber.

Elegant and comfortable women's city shoes, but not only that!

At COG, we say that wearing pretty ankle boots is good, but that wearing ethical shoes in consideration of our moral values ​​is even better!

Also, our women's ankle boots are guaranteed to be free of any other material of animal origin for vegan women's city shoes, guaranteed to be pain-free. From our unisex sneakers to our city shoes, all our models are PETA APPROVED VEGAN certified.

And no animal leather means no carbon emissions from farming! Our ankle boots are the result of low-carbon production.

Environmental protection being one of our central concerns, all our materials come from European suppliers (Italian and Spanish) and are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, for ecological materials designed with respect for human health and preservation of nature.

Finally, our women's ankle boots , just like our vegan sneakers , are made in the north of Portugal - a region renowned for its know-how in the manufacture of city shoes - in a human-sized workshop, offering its employees good working conditions. and remuneration that highlights their know-how for vegan, responsible shoes made in Europe.

Ethics also means supporting the causes that are dear to us

At COG, we get involved from the ground up!

In addition to committing to a responsible approach by offering shoes that respect animals, humans and the planet, part of the profits from our sales is donated to voluntary associations involved in animal rescue as described in our values .

Sum-up around our ethical Olympe ankle boots

Both elegant and super comfortable, our vegan women's ankle boots will bring the feminine touch that was missing to your cruelty-free and eco-responsible wardrobe.

At COG, we believe that fashion chic is born above all from being respectful fashion and defending committed values.

Our little extra? Real transparency, and the guarantee of offering you women's city shoes that meet your moral, qualitative and aesthetic requirements.

For sneaker lovers, we also offer a whole range of vegan sneakers for women and also for men , which are ethical, chic and responsible.