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    Retro running woman

    Ladies, looking for a new pair of vegan women's sports sneakers that meet your aesthetic and ethical requirements? Stop for a second, we have what you need!

    With its striking design, its tailor-made comfort, and an unequivocal manufacturing ethic, our Raven running sneaker has already captivated the hearts of more than one lover of eco-responsible fashion, and will conquer yours if you like chic sneakers and sports.

    Indisputably urban with its clean lines and varied inserts, our retro running will enhance your sportswear clothing as well as your jeans and more distinguished outfits.

    In terms of design, no more long hours of trying on, our vegan retro running for women is a real all-purpose item, which will go just as well with shorts, as your favorite denim jeans, or with elegant tailored pants .

    Available in many colors, from the timeless intense black , to our now popular Coral/Duck Blue version, including our discreet gray version , with our Raven, you will be spoiled for choice to energize your wardrobe. dress while giving meaning to your purchases.

    The Raven, the perfect solution to combine ethics and style!

    A fan of the 90's sports look but also a woman concerned about responsible consumption ? You'll love the Raven, our eco-friendly and vegan version of the old school running sneaker.

    If the unisex sneaker has become the comfortable shoe par excellence, in terms of production ethics, models produced in a responsible and ecological framework are unfortunately far from being the most widespread.

    At COG, consideration of your ethical values ​​is our priority. This is why all our models are vegan (PETA Approved Vegan certified) , made with respect for the people making them, and produced according to an eco-responsible charter .

    If animal welfare is one of your concerns, there is no need to feel guilty with our Raven, which like all our shoes, is guaranteed to be leather-free. Our glues are also free of animal matter.

    But with your pair of Raven on your feet, you are not only helping to support cruelty-free fashion, you are also encouraging eco-responsible production .

    As proof, the manufacturing of the synthetic fibers that make up our sneakers has a carbon impact 2 to 20 times lower than that generated by leather.

    To manufacture our women's sneakers , we favor the use of recycled and OEKO-TEX 100 certified European materials.

    Thus the interior lining of our recycled sneakers is partly made up of plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea, and our insoles are mainly plant-based since they are made from recycled cork stoppers.

    Your Raven women's sneaker preserves animal life, the health of the human beings producing it, and the environment!

    Comfort, the other priority of our ethical sneakers for women.

    Beyond a trendy design and an ecological composition, our women's sneaker with a sporty look has benefited from all our attention in terms of comfort.

    And yes, style is good, but today what we want is to feel good in our sneakers!

    That's good, our little women's vegan sneaker with a running sneaker look is ultra comfortable! We tell you why.

    On the lining side first, the foam enveloping your foot is 8mm thick with memory foam, so that you feel in your sneakers like a slipper.

    In addition, we have selected a recycled mesh material (recycled plastic bottles) with antiperspirant, anti-odor, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, for optimal foot well-being.

    On the insole side, we think about comfort and ecology by using recycled natural cork, to which we have integrated latex to add cushioning to the sole, and guarantee you incomparable walking comfort.

    For the outsole, we chose an injected rubber based on TPR, a material that is flexible, light and resistant.

    Finally, on the upper side, we use vegan materials made in Europe , which we choose for their robustness and flexibility, and which we ensure that they are also waterproof so that you keep your feet dry on the days of rain.

    Straight in your pumps and good in your sneakers; Ladies, trying on a pair of Raven is adopting them!

    The inside story of how our vegan sneakers for women are made

    The materials that make up the Raven are exclusively vegan, and woven in Spanish and Italian houses for sneakers manufactured and composed 100% Made In Europe!

    Like all our sneaker models, our Raven is made in a small family workshop with multi-generational know-how, located in the northern region of Portugal. The sneakers are sewn and assembled there by the expert hands of factory employees, for unique quality and resistance.

    Beyond the proximity between Portugal and France and the lower ecological impact resulting from local manufacturing, our choice was oriented towards this European country for the human environment offered to people working in the manufacturing factories. confection.

    Our retro running shoes for women in summary

    At COG , we want to offer an ethical alternative to the women's sneaker market, so that you have neither to regret your neat look, nor remorse for not dressing ethically for the love of fashion. Our women's sneakers are: vegan , produced according to a philanthropic charter , and concerned about ecology .

    Chic, comfortable to wear and versatile, our Raven will go just as well with your feminine sportswear wardrobe as with the chic outfits in your dressing room.

    Only one dilemma remains, which dress code to best accompany your vegan sneakers today? Jogging, 7/8 pants, shorts or dress? You choose.

    To your COGs, for a more responsible and humane fashion.

    By the way, did you know that? Our Raven model and our other vegan sneaker models are also available for men !